Episode 33 – Cage Match: PowerScripting vs. Quest

13 07 2008

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.


In This Episode

We have a great show lined up for you today.  With us via Skype will be MVPs Kirk Munro and Dmitry Sotnikov both from Quest.  And no show would be complete without News, Resources, and Tips!


Today’s news is brought to you by iTripoli.
“Admin Script Editor provides a true integrated scripting environment for PowerShell.  Advanced features include an integrated PowerShell debugger, advanced code generating tools for Active Directory, Databases, XML files and the exclusive PowerShell forms designer.  Come see for yourself– Admin Script Editor v3.5 is availble for a 45 day trial at AdminScriptEditor.com.”

  • Preview video up of a very interesting new open-source project called PoshBoard.  It’s a solid clone of iGoogle, including the AJAX widgets, but the widgets are…PowerShell code!
  • And we have more videos.  Marco Shaw has posted the videos from PS VUG meeting #6.
  • We’re really excited about PoshCode.org.  This is a new domain but an old resource with a bit of a facelift and some new features.  This is the same script repository back end featured at PowerShellCommunity.org and PowerShellCentral.com.  Joel Bennett is adding features to make this a very useful tool.


This segment is brought to you by Quest!

Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate script warrior? Find out with Quest’s PowerPack Challenge ’08.

Quest Software is sponsoring a PowerShell Scripting contest where you can test your skills and get paid. Just create some cool PowerShell scripts using Quest’s PowerGUI and then post them to our site. You’ll get a score and our celebrity judges will weigh in as well.

Do you have the muscle to bring home the prize? Check out the details here.

We decided to do something different for the interview section.  Instead of an interview, we picked a few topics and went at it round-robin.  Hope you like it!

  1. Providers vs cmdlets (e.g. IIS7 providers)
  2. Does PowerShell belong on a web server?
  3. Aside from remoting–what is version two’s most killer feature?


This section is brought to you by SAPIEN Technologies

  • DevInfra-US – Very cool English version of a French PowerShell blog. In his words: “Microsoft Infrastructure Development solutions with PowerShell, C#, ASP.NET and silverlight… Best Effort English translation from Devinfra.blogspot.com :)”
  • Antoine from DevInfra has written three articles (one, two, three) on how to call PowerShell script from within an ASP page.  Very cool stuff!
  • get-admin – This is a new “Enterprise Administration and Automation” blog by Glenn S. He starts off with a nice screencast showing you how to run a posh script as a scheduled task.
  • HyperVoria | Hyper-V PowerShell library – now on Codeplex – Thanks to Steve Murawski for pointing this one out. The Codeplex project page is here.

Thanks for listening!  Don’t forget to follow Jon and Hal on Twitter.



4 responses

17 07 2008
Episode 33 of the PowerScripting Podcast Posted | TechProsaic

[…] In this episode, Jonathan and I have a panel discussion with Dmitry and Kirk from Quest Software.  This was the first try at a Skype call to the other side of the globe.  It worked fairly well but the lag was somewhat noticeable.  This was also our first panel discussion as opposed to interviews.  I think it came out pretty good but I definitely have to hone my moderator skills.  […]

17 07 2008
PowerScripting podcast with me and Kirk « Dmitry’s PowerBlog: PowerShell and beyond

[…] Published July 17, 2008 PowerGUI , PowerShell Jonathan and Hal have just posted the episode of PowerScripting podcast in which Kirk and I joined them to discuss a bunch of topics from the ever green providers vs. cmdlets to our favorite PowerShell […]

18 07 2008
Antoine Habert

Hello guys,

Thanks you for talking about my work in this podcast, Really glad you like it !

New stuffs are coming soon … 😉

Really interesting podcast by the way, Posh Code is really nice, continue this great work !



26 07 2008
Restricted runspaces in v2 CTP2 - marcoshaw - MSMVPS.COM

[…] In the recent PowerScriting Podcast Episode 33 – Cage Match: PowerScripting vs. Quest, a question came up as to whether restricted runspaces was something that was available in CTP2.In […]

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