Come Watch PowerScripting Live!

27 08 2008

Tonight at 9pm Eastern, Jonathan and I will be streaming live over Ustream. If you think you’ll make it, and you use Facebook, I’d really appreciate it if you sign up for the event I created.



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28 08 2008
Bernard Flach

Question .. i know this has nothing to do with the post 🙂 sorry in advance.

Ive got multiple domains in my forrest and im using Quest QAD-cmdlets. With version 1.0 of the active roles i could find a group the forrest by using get-qadGroup.

Now in version 1.1 i must connect with the domaincontroller of that domain first before i can find the group. Something has changed. Do you know if i do something wrong here.

28 08 2008

Bernard, the best place to ask this question is on the forums at Thanks in advance for moving the discussion there.

28 08 2008
Bernard Flach

Thanks ! .. will do !

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