Episode 46 – SQL PSX

28 10 2008

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.


In This Episode

Today on the PowerScripting Podcast we interview Chad Miller, author of the SQL PSX project. And of course we’ll throw in our other usual goodies.



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Admin Script Editor (which recently received Windows IT Pro’s top award) provides a true integrated scripting environment for PowerShell.  Advanced features include an integrated PowerShell debugger, advanced code generating tools for Active Directory, Databases, XML files and more.  Let’s not forget about the exclusive PowerShell forms designer.  Come see for yourself– Admin Script Editor v3.5 is availble for a 45 day trial at AdminScriptEditor.com.
We had a great interview with Chad Miller, the author of the SQL PSX  project on Codeplex. Below are some of the questions which were submitted by Ustream viewers.
  1. glnsize : ## is powershell speading throughout his it dept?
  2. mwjcomputing : ##How much of his day to day operations are managed using Powershell?
  3. glnsize : ## have you looked at V2 script cmdlets?
  4. mwjcomputing : ## When dealing with Auditors, do they have any objection to Powershell being the tool to gather the security information?
  5. stahler : ## ADO.NET through PowerShell or SQLCMD through PowerShell?
  6. meson : ## Any comments on a SQL database PSProvider?
  7. mwjcomputing : ## When gathering security information, does Powershell cause any performance hit on the database?
  8. glnsize : ##from a DBA perspective what is powershell missing?


This segment is brought to you by Quest:
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5 responses

29 10 2008
29 10 2008
Chad Miller

Thanks again for having me on your show. You guys did a wonderful job!

29 10 2008

Our pleasure–you were a good interviewee. 🙂

8 11 2008
Paul Cassidy

that db4o looks awesome I am gonna try it with powershell

21 03 2010
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