Episode 60 – Scripting UI with Joel Bennett and James Brundage

22 02 2009

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.


In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk with Joel Bennett and James Brundage about scriptable user interfaces.




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  • dougchase : ## What do we need to do to get started with this stuff?
  • jkavanagh58 : ## Is PrimalForms WPF?
  • dougchase : ## Does it work in V1 and how do I implement it in V1?  Seems like I read it worked in both versions but I couldn’t figure out how to start using it in V1.
  • ChadMiller : ##Haven’t looked at WPF. Can you write a web page in WPF like powershellasp?
  • rfoust : ## can you recommend a site to understand the basics of WPF?
  • hal: Will these scriptable UI tools be able to replace HTA?
  • jasonmarcher : ## How easy is it to create data templates and add them to existing tools/controls


New-Grid -Rows 5 {    
    New-Label “Please Enter Your Name” 
    New-TextBox -Name YourName -Row 1 
    New-Label “Sex:” -Row 2
    New-StackPanel -Row 3 {
        New-RadioButton -Content “Male” -IsChecked $true 
        New-RadioButton -Content “Female” -Column 1
    New-Button “Done” -Row 4 -On_Click { 
        $yourName = $window | Get-ChildControl YourName 
        $sex = $window | 
            Get-ChildControl | 
            Where-Object {
               $_ -is [Windows.Controls.RadioButton] -and
            } | 
            Foreach-Object {
        if (-not $yourName.Text) {
            [Windows.Messagebox]::show(“Who are you?”)
        $global:information = New-Object Object |
            Add-Member NoteProperty Name $yourName.Text -PassThru |
            Add-Member NoteProperty Sex $sex -PassThru        
} -show


This segment is brought to you by SAPIEN Technologies.




  • Kirk Munro has an awesome blog post talking about a quite wicked gotcha involving quoting rules and escape characters.





One response

24 02 2009

Just a couple of points of clarification with regards to PrimalScript 2009 and related products. http://www.primaltools.com is a new unifying site that brings together all of our software sites under one domain. While we previously had http://www.primalscript.com and http://www.primalscope.com, etc, all of our software information can now be found at http://www.primaltools.com. http://www.scriptingoutpost.com is still the place where the software can be purchased.

Also, while some of the tools at primaltools.com are stand-alone versions of specific functionality found in PrimalScript, this functionality STILL EXISTS in PrimalScript. The stand-alone tools are, for the most part, extensions of the functionality in PrimalScript, and are targeted at people who may need that functionality in addition to PrimalScript or for those that do not do any scripting, but may have specific needs fulfilled by these tools.

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