Episode 62 – Ferdinand Rios and Jeffery Hicks from Sapien

15 03 2009

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.


In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk with Ferdinand Rios and Jeffery Hicks from SAPIEN Technologies.


This segment is brought to you by SAPIEN Technologies.


When it comes to scripting, you’re a warrior. But mighty warriors need mighty tools!

For awesome PowerShell scripting, nothing matches the might of Quest’s PowerGUI. Versatile and easy to use, PowerGUI helps you build commanding scripts that leverage PowerShell’s strength across the enterprise. Now, ruling your domain is easier than ever.

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  • ustreamer-22944 : #Question: Has Jeff mastered Black Hole Sun at Hard level on Rock Band yet?  🙂
  • glnsize : ## where is the module support?
  • glnsize : ## is there suppport for tortisesvn?
  • ustreamer-22944 : ## Does PrimalScript editor support the MSSCCI interface to allow various version control products to plug into it?
  • mwjcomputing : ## How many people can access ChangeVue at the same time?
  • meson : ## What products aren’t included in PrimalScript?
  • gaurhoth : ## Does primal script support -STA?


This segment is brought to you by Idera:

Want to make Windows PowerShell easier than ever to learn and master? Checkout Idera’s PowerShellPlus Professional Edition which is now available for download! The new version has vastly improved code completion and a slick interactive Learning Center. Go to www.idera.com/PodcastPeople to get your copy today!


  • Need to create an arbitrary file in PowerShell?
    • fsutil file createnew c:\temp\foo.bar $(1mb)
  • Very cool wh[tab] and fe[tab] console shortcuts in PowerShellPlus



“I’m a big fan of the show.  It has been very helpful to me in my quest
to learn Powershell.

I just finished listening to Episode 61 and wanted to comment on the
discussion regarding disk alignment.  I too had never heard of disk
alignment until LogicsOne told us about it a couple years ago.  Since
then aligning disks has been a part of our VM build process.  You can
find a description here:


Thanks again, and keep up the good work.”

Ryan G



2 responses

16 03 2009
Steven Murawski

I was just listening to conversation about PolyMon/PolyMonRT. Regarding the ability to run PowerShell scripts in response to events, PolyMon has that capability for every monitor (not just the PowerShell one). They are called “Action Scripts”.

Basically, PolyMon makes available the $Status variable, which has two properties, StatusID and Status. StatusID is a numerical value (1-OK, 2-WARN, or 3-FAIL), and Status is the text describing that status. Additionally, the $Counter variable is made available and has a hashtable of values which can vary from monitor to monitor. Based on the values of the counters and the status of the monitor, you can respond in whatever manner you deem appropriate with all the capabilities that PowerShell provides.


24 03 2009

For some reason, I can’t download episode 62. Does anybody else have this problem?

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