Episode 73 – MVP Michael Smith talks Exchange

8 06 2009

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.


In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk to Exchange MVP Michael Smith about Exchange 2010


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This segment is brought to you by SAPIEN Technologies
  • 25 years experience in IT, 13 years experience w/Exchange
  • Written two books, Exchange 2003, and Monitoring Exchange 2007 w/Ops Mgr
  • Company: The Essential Exchange / http://theessentialexchange.com/blogs/michael/
  • writes articles for:
    • Exchange Messaging & Outlook e-zine
    • Simpletalk
  • SuperHero: Green Lantern
  • slipsec: ## How do you put load on your labs?
  •  gaurhoth: ## Any ideas that you can share about why Exch2010 CAS isn’t going to be able to proxy to Exch2003 Backend (like Exch2007 CAS can now)?  gaurhoth: I’m looking at a exch2003 – exch2010 transition end of next year and this seems like it’s going to add a hurdle.
  • gaurhoth: ## Have you played with cross-site DAG and is it as good as the demo’s so far make it look? 
  • gaurhoth: ## sDo you have any limitation/concerns that you’ve observed so far?
  • gaurhoth: ## Is MS’s recommendations that you can replace disk/tape backup with DAG (with at least 3 copies) really that realistic? Seems like you’d be open to database corruption issues since you would…
  • slipsec: ## How is Public Folder support?
  • gaurhoth: ## only have 1 (maybe 2) delayed copies if youc an afford that many servers (for lagged replication)
  • gaurhoth: ## Is all of DAG functionality availble from management console or is powershell required to set it up (as in HA tech in 2007) 
  • slipsec: ## Any tie in with the new Active Directory cmdlets?
  • gaurhoth: ## Is DAG Failover between sites a manual process? (assuming yes … dns, etc)… Does failover require updates of AD attributes to point to new server… or is it just a dns change?  gaurhoth: (and AD Attribute changes obviously needing replication to complete before failover can be completed)


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3 responses

9 06 2009
Steven Murawski

Regarding the switch statement with the -file parameter and regexes – the benefit with switch is that I can process multiple match criteria, including multiple regexes against each line.

For example, (the regexes are meaningless – just for illustration)
switch -file test.txt -regex
‘\w+,\w+\s+\w+’ {do-something} #match one regex
‘\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+’ {do-somethingelse} #match another regex
{$_.length -eq 10} {do-yetsomethingelse} #evaluate expression
default {do-defaultaction} #handle something that doesn’t match any option

Yet another great show!


9 06 2009

Jonathan and Hal ..

Thanks for mentioning my Blog post (Intro to Modules and advanced functions ) . Being mentioned on the podcast is like being mentioned on the red carpet at the oscars … Ok well almost … Thanks Guys .. you rock ! Keep up the great work 🙂


10 07 2019
PowerScripting PodCast on Exchange Server 2010 – The Essential Exchange

[…] To listen to the podcast, Episode 73, MVP Michael Smith Talks Exchange. […]

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