Up Next: Jim Christopher Talks About StudioShell!

13 01 2011


On tonight’s show (1/13/11 @ 9:30pm EST right here on Ustream!), we’ll be talking to Jim Christopher, aka @beefarino about his newest project: StudioShell. As you can read on his blog post announcement,

“StudioShell is a deeply integrated PowerShell host available inside of Visual Studio 2010 and 2008.  It’s goal is to fundamentally change the way you interact with your IDE and your code. “

StudioShell – Extending Visual Studio with PowerShell

Be sure to drop by the Ustream channel tonight so that you can post questions for Jim and interact with your fellow PowerShellers!

Here’s a bit more about Jim:

Jim Christopher has been developing software professionally for over 15 years, working on projects ranging from Windows to the Web, from device drivers to enterprise software solutions.  His experience spans the scientific, defense, education, and gaming industries.  He currently runs Code Owls LLC, providing software development services to local small businesses in Charlotte NC, promoting PowerShell as a platform for software tools, and maintains a technical blog at http://www.beefycode.com.



One response

13 01 2011
Kirk Munro

I’d love to attend, but I’ll be part way between St. Petersburg and Munich at the time. I’ll have to catch the recording when it is published.

Kirk out.

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