We want your PowerShell show ideas!

8 07 2013

Hi guys, Hal here. I just wanted to make a quick request: please reach out and let us know who or what you want to hear us talk about on the show in upcoming episodes. We have plenty of friends of the show who can come on and talk about what they are working on, and Jonathan and I certainly have no problem filling an hour with our own ideas. However, some of our best shows are driven by topics that we had never heard of before a listener like you dropped us a line to suggest it.

Getting in touch is easy via twitter, email, or blog comment (look down!). If you have a person in mind, that’s great. If you just want to hear us delve into a particular topic, that’s also great. We can find the experts on a given topic, whether it’s a product manager or engineer at Microsoft or another company, or just a guy/gal with a cool open source project.

Hope to hear from you soon!



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15 07 2013
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