Up Next: Winners from the 2013 Scripting Games

10 07 2013

PowerShell-Scripting-Games-LogoThis Thursday, July 11,  we’re having the winners from the 2013 Scripting Games on the show to show off their work! We’ll be joined not only by Mike Robbins and Taylor Gibb (the top 2 winners), but Microsoft Scripting Guy,  Ed Wilson will be online as well!

Also, open invite to any other participants who want to Skype in as time permits.

As always, join us live at 9:30 PM EST Thursdays at http://live.powerscripting.net!



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11 07 2013
Want to Hear the Winner of the Advanced Category in the 2013 Scripting Games Speak? | Mike F Robbins

[…] 2013 Thursday, July 11th (Tonight), at 9:30pm Eastern Time (8:30pm Central Time) PowerScripting Podcast Guest (Winner of the 2013 Scripting Games Advanced […]

15 07 2013
PhillyPoSH 07/11/2013 meeting summary and presentation materials | PowerShell.org

[…] Speaking of the scripting games, the winners were on the PowerScritping Podcast […]

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