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23 07 2007
Cornelius Wilkins

Man, I’m loving your podcast about Powershell. I just discovered it about a week ago and listened to every show. I’m hoping you will post Episode 7 soon or I will have to start at Episode 0 to get my Powershell fix. Keep up the good work you have a good format and it is a great help to some of us newbies.

Oh, before I go, you have a couple of Episodes that play back at a faster speed. I’m not sure if you were aware of it but it wasn’t a problem following the podcast.


4 10 2007
Hugh Crissman

Great job with the podcast. You guys get better and better every week. Keep up the good work.


15 10 2007

Jonathan & Hal,
I would like to thank you both for reviewing on Episode 10. I can’t thank you enough for the kind words.

-Jesse Hamrick

8 02 2008

I am listening to the Podcasts from 1 forward and just finished episode 9. You guys are doing a great job.

I just ran into a gotcha… There is an alias of “sc” for Set-Content. The command sc has been a dos-prompt command for service control for some time. This lets you do what netstat does and more for sevices running locally and remotely.

It took me typing my command in about 3 times before I realized what was going on!

This brought me to my next issue – there is no remove-alias! I went to and found that Remove-Alias had been dropped, but a script is available. Unfortunately, this didn’t work: Remove-Item : Alias was not removed because alias sc is constant and cannot be removed.

Any ideas?


28 07 2008

Hey Jonathan and Hal
I’ve been intending to send an email but have just gotten around to it.
I love the Podcast. You guys are doing a great job. I have really admired the way the Podcast has grown in content and quality since it was first launched.

I use Powershell daily, and have been on a mission to expand it’s use within my organization. To that end I have created a BLOG and published it to Sys Admins that I work with frequently within my company.

For my daily Powershell work I run PowerShell+.
For script development I use AdminScripteditor by iTripoli.

Keep up the great work. I’ll be listening.


18 08 2008
Andy Schneider

Hey Hal and Jonathan,

After seeing Hal’s comment, I just realized how horrible it is to copy code from my blog 🙂

I was wondering if you have figured out how to embed a script from on your blog.



16 09 2008
Tim Morris

Thanks for your work on the show. I think you guys are doing a great job.

You read a comment recently about straying from the focus on the beginner learning PowerShell. I don’t think that’s a big problem. I’m one of those beginners who listen but don’t understand everything.

That’s alright. I’m starting to catch on.

That comment you read gave me an idea though. Keep your current format for the show, but maybe do a few narrowly focused 5 minute instruction pieces.

You could answer questions like-
What is a command-let, module, function, method, script?
(I’m starting to use them, but I don’t understand how they’re different/same)
How is an object passed on the pipeline-what exactly is being passed?
I’ve installed PSCX and PowerGui with power packs – what do I have?
What are best practices for formatting or documenting scripts?

This may be outside the scope of what you’re trying to accomplish. I can understand that.

Keep up the good work.

25 02 2009
Vivek Kumbhar


I have been listening to your postcast’s and you guys are doing great job.
Here is something I want to share as a single liner 🙂

I have text file with the name text1.txt, text2.txt and so on..
I have always been renaming these files manually for long time and now with Power (PowerShell) in my hand I do this..

Get-ChildItem *.txt | Rename-Item -NewName { $ -replace ‘text(\d+)’, ‘$1. text’}

HTH for all those who come across situations when you want to rename such files.. this is for files with name starting with “text”.. I am working on making this script as general as possible.

4 02 2010

Hi! I just found your podcast, listened to the first one, ep_0 and am ready to go through the rest! I’m a VBScripter that never had any reason to switch until I started playing around with Powershell and also noticed how simple / elegant it is. I’m ready to get-busy learning Powershell! Thank you very much!

24 02 2010
Intekhab Choudhury

I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while and I think you guys are doing brilliant job at discussing tips, news, interviews, etc. I love the show notes as well and often use it as a resource. (Could you please do me a favor, also add the Questions answer as well when you publish your show notes? Sometimes if I forget what was the answer to a specific question, I can just quickly grab it from your website rather than listening to the Podcast all over again, not that I will mind too much :)) .. Anyway, this was meant to be a well wish towards your episode 200 🙂 .. Take care and keep up the great work!

26 10 2011
Dane Young (@youngtech)

Hey Hal and Jonathan!
Love your show, you keep me well entertained as I do consulting and am on the road usually 20 hours a week in the San Francisco bay area! Love the content! I’m a huge Microsoft, VMware and Citrix advocate and you guys keep driving the forefront of automation, a passion of mine since Basic, VBScript, .Net (VB & C#), and now PowerShell. I was hoping you could feature or just spread the word about a little pet project that a customer asked me to write about six months ago. It’s been through multiple revisions, but I think it’s well baked enough that it’s ready for prime time. Multiple blog stumblers have dropped feedback and I’ve made some minor enhancements over time, but I would love to hear it featured on your show! The PowerCLI script is basically there to assist customers going through migrations that want to take advantage of VMware VMxNet3 Network Adapters and Paravirtual SCSI controllers. The script basically automates the entire process, completing several reboots and inserting new controllers, disks and network adapters along the way. I had developed in on PowerCli 4.x and haven’t determined if there are any new enhancements available in 5.x yet. If you could get the news out there I would greatly appreciate it! Jonathan, hope everything works out alright with your home repairs!
Thanks, – Automated Migration to VMxNet3 Network Adapters and Paravirtual SCSI Controllers for vSphere 4.x Virtual Machines
Twitter: @youngtech

10 11 2011


7 02 2012

I am listening to episode 151 and the question came up about listening to the back catalog. Think daily commute. I started with something pretty current and started working my way backwards and as new ones come out listen forward.

2 11 2012

Hello, just wanted to say thank you. I have barely been exposed to programming before and am starting with PowerShell. I have started the podcast from scratch and am up to episode 4 already. Learning the basics and how PowerShell operates and can’t wait to use it more and more in the field.

9 09 2013

I’m starting with episode [0] so I realize I’m going back to 2007, but is the free powershell help still available from Sapien? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks

9 09 2013

Never mind, I found it. Thank you for doing these Podcasts, good stuff.

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