Episode 242 – PowerScripting Podcast – Steven Murawski and Geoff Dalgas on DSC and Stack Overflow

25 09 2013
A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Steven Murawski and Geoff Dalgas about DSC & Stack Overflow



Guests – Steve Murawski, Geoff Dalgas


Chatroom Buzz-

<11ScriptWarrior> ## Do they use splunk to data mine those logs?

<0logicaldiagram> ## What “provider” do you use for IIS?

<10Neptune443> ## Can you expand on the pull setup? TechNet docs are just wrong and the DSC-service in R2 RTM seems to be pretty much broken out of the box.

<11ScriptWarrior> ## Well plus by automating you are taking human error out of the deployment process

<0logicaldiagram> ## Do you have one .Net application for all the StackExchange “sites”?

<11ScriptWarrior> ## So is that like VM Snapshots?

<0halr9000> ## how do you make a provider?

<11ScriptWarrior> ## Just out of curiosity what brand of hardware do you use at Stack?

<11ScriptWarrior> ## What do you use to monitor the servers?  Dell OpenView?  SCOM?

<0logicaldiagram> ## Any real-user monitoring?

<11ScriptWarrior> ## Why not use SCOM?

<10Neptune443> ## Can you quickly run through what you need to do to package up both configurations and providers for the pull server?

<PowerSchill> https://pssat005.eventbrite.com/?ref=ecount

<JeffH> This book helped some in explaining devops: http://www.amazon.com/Phoenix-Project-Helping-Business-ebook/dp/B00AZRBLHO

<Vern_Anderson> http://powerscriptinglive.blogspot.com/

<MikeFRobbins> Did you guys see my blog today: Fun and Games with PowerShell: http://mikefrobbins.com/2013/09/19/fun-and-games-with-powershell/

<MikeFRobbins> 36 days until PowerShell Saturday 005 in Atlanta: http://powershellsaturday.com/005/

<halr9000> http://stackoverflow.com/

<gdalgas> https://www.quantcast.com/p-c1rF4kxgLUzNc

<halr9000> http://www.amazon.com/Management-System-Administrators-Thomas-Limoncelli/dp/0596007833

<gdalgas> http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2009/05/welcome-stack-overflow-valued-associate-00003/ <- me

<halr9000> https://github.com/PowerShellOrg/DSC

<gdalgas> http://imgur.com/2MFgP23 <– our entire web tier for Stack Exchange

<halr9000> http://www.vagrantup.com/

<halr9000> http://docs.vagrantup.com/v2/getting-started/index.html

<Vern_Anderson> http://www.glassdoor.com/Best-Places-to-Work-LST_KQ0,19.htm  #15

<gdalgas> http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2009/02/new-datacenter-migration/ <– my boy has been doing datacenters for awhile

<gdalgas> they sure are:  https://twitter.com/SuperDalgas/status/379721652516691968

<logicaldiagram> http://blog.serverfault.com/2013/09/05/homegrown-devops-tools-at-stack-exchange/

<Vern_Anderson> http://www.opencompute.org/  << Should look at these servers

<smurawski> http://velocityconf.com/velocityny2013/public/schedule/detail/30114

<halr9000> http://www.amazon.com/The-Goal-Process-Ongoing-Improvement/dp/0884270610 ?

The Question – Geoff

  • Geoff Dalgas: superhero – The Hulk

  • Steve – book: The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement, by Eliyahu M. Goldratt

Episode 241 – PowerScripting Podcast – Microsoft PFE Matthew Reynolds on the Windows Performance Toolkit

18 09 2013
A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Matthew Reynolds about the Windows Performance Toolkit



Guests – Matthew Reynolds


Chatroom Buzz-

<9MikeKline> ##Can you ask Matt does he ever use the PAL tool to monitor performance?

<6smurawski> ##Have you found a good way for monitoring ETL streams in a live fashion?

<11ScriptWarrior> ## So could you use the same tools to perf SVCHOST.exe

<11MikeFRobbins> ## ask him about his chapter in the powershell deep dives book

<0logicaldiagram> ## is Win Perf Recorder a replacement for DebugDiag?

<4Vern_Anderson> ##did you use -NoProfile sitych?

<11ScriptWarrior> ## isn’t that called a blog?

<13Stuwee> ## Can you do that in AD LDS?

<11ScriptWarrior> ## So how do you get the latest version of Entity Framework?

<8Llewta_> ### Show Note:  vBrownBag kicks off “Automate all the Things” series next Wednesday Night.  Go to vbrownbag.com for details

<8Llewta_> ###  We’ll have Alan Renouf, Luc Dekens, and Andre Leibovici presenting on powercli topics

<0Jaykul> ## ehy it’s pro!

<13Stuwee> ## Jon, please keep this part of the broadcast part of the full podcast recording.

<organicit> http://www.meetup.com/Northern-California-Powershell-User-Group/

<smurawski> https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/df3552dd15bf66e3a4129f646d1a50618c6e5b14?authuser=0&hl=en-US

<halr9000> http://videosift.com/video/Wayne-s-World-featuring-Aerosmith-and-Tom-Hanks

<ScriptWarrior> http://tampapowershell.eventbrite.com/

<ScriptingWife> http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/performance/cc825801.aspx

<halr9000> h


<MikeKline> http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/TechEd/NorthAmerica/2013/WCA-B317#fbid=GgIfGxlTCL4

<ScriptingWife> bbnetman http://powershellgroup.org/NorthernVirginia

* logicaldiagram https://plus.google.com/u/0/104581469041072242182/posts/p/pub

<smurawski> https://www.usenix.org/conference/lisa13

<halr9000> not this: http://www.salutosofgurnee.com/

<halr9000> http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/bb968803(v=vs.85).aspx

<Vern_Anderson> https://www.soluto.com/

<smurawski> http://tx.codeplex.com/

<Vern_Anderson> http://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/training-courses/utilizing-sysinternals-tools-for-it-pros

<Vern_Anderson> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dft63gHqqKo

<logicaldiagram> https://github.com/adamdriscoll/poshtools

<kobeckman> http://blog.tyang.org/2011/11/08/run-64-bit-powershell-via-sccm-2007-advertisement/

<JonWalz> http://powerguivsx.codeplex.com/

<JonWalz> https://github.com/adamdriscoll/poshtools

<Jaykul> PSCX is binary, this one is using lots of modules too 😉 https://github.com/Jaykul/poshcode

<Jaykul> that’s what https://github.com/Jaykul/poshcode will fix

<Jaykul> if you don’t believe me that it will work, try running \\PoshCode.org\Modules\Install  http://POshCode.org/Modules/WASP.psmx

<Jaykul> to be clear, https://github.com/Jaykul/poshcode is all about modules

<Llewta_> http://professionalvmware.com/vbrownbag-automate-all-the-things-training-schedule/

<ToddKlindt> Stuwee, you can find out about it at http://www.toddklindt.com/blog.

<ToddKlindt> I’ve got the old recordings. Live at http://www.toddklindt.com/netcast Monday nights at 8:30 Central.

<Llewta_> https://www.google.com/search?q=ngage&safe=off&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=Z4UyUs6gOoSs9ATXkoDgBA&ved=0CD8QsAQ&biw=1280&bih=675&dpr=1

The Question –

  • Teleportation

Up Next: PowerShell MVP Steven Murawski talks about DevOps, DSC, StackExchange!

17 09 2013

70c25484ea883f25a2111aad9e02cf91This Thursday, September 19th, we are excited to be joined once more by PowerShell MVP Steven Murawski, (@StevenMurawski)! Steven is coming on the show to talk about DevOps, working at a high-scale web property like StackExchange, and his experiences as a Microsoft TAP customer using DSC (Desired State Configuration) in production.

This will be the second episode in our DSC series. Be sure to check out Episode 236 with Don Jones where he provided an introduction to the concepts.

As always, you can join us at 9:30PM EST at http://live.powerscripting.net

Episode 240 – PowerScripting Podcast – Jeff Wouters on becoming an MVP, starting a usergroup and more

11 09 2013
A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Jeff Wouters about becoming an MVP



Guests – Jeff Wouters


Chatroom Buzz

<11MikeFRobbins> ## Ask Jeff about what he’s doing with AppAssure and PowerShell

<11MikeFRobbins> ## Is there going to be a Winter Scripting Games?

<PowerSchill> My song request for tonight: http://open.spotify.com/track/6yT7kcpsXNW7QS9xunPaox

<Jaykul> side note: https://www.globalsign.com/ssl/ssl-open-source/

<PowerSchill> Was reading this article and finally got to the end and who wrote it. 🙂 http://redmondmag.com/blogs/it-decision-maker/2013/08/the-technet-subscription-thing.aspx

<MikeFRobbins> Jeff Wouters presented at the Mississippi PowerShell User Group last week (video): http://mspsug.com/2013/08/27/video-presentation-materials-august-2013-mspsug-meeting-featuring-guest-speaker-jeff-wouters/

<Jaykul> hmm, free code-signing certs for open source? http://www.certum.eu/certum/cert,offer_cert_comparision_cs.xml

<MikeFRobbins> PowerShell Deep Dives book: http://manning.com/hicks/

<Vern_Anderson> http://www.youtube.com/user/powershelldon

<MikeFRobbins> http://jeffwouters.nl/

<Vern_Anderson> http://www.bing.com/rewards/dashboard

<alexandair> @halr9000: http://www.jaapbrasser.com/

<alexandair> http://blogs.technet.com/b/stefan_stranger/

<alexandair> https://twitter.com/sstranger

<DonJ-MVP> http://dupsug.com

<DonJ-MVP> PSNA750 and PSNA850. $750 and $850. Not many allocated, though. So dive in. http://eventmgr.azurewebsites.net/home/event/PSNA2014 Should still be hotel room space. We blocked 100 rooms total.

<MikeFRobbins> Managing Dell AppAssure with Windows PowerShell http://blogs.technet.com/b/heyscriptingguy/archive/2013/03/31/weekend-scripter-managing-dell-appassure-with-windows-powershell.aspx

<MikeFRobbins> Managing Symantec Backup Exec 2012 with PowerShell http://blogs.technet.com/b/heyscriptingguy/archive/2012/06/02/weekend-scripter-managing-symantec-backup-exec-2012-with-powershell.aspx

<JimBirley> http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/scriptfanatic/archive/2011/01/06/HP-BladeSystem-PowerShell-cmdlets.aspx

<JimBirley> http://www.bulleitbourbon.com/gateway.aspx

<halr9000> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franklin_Richards

The Question –

Episode 239 – PowerScripting Podcast – Rob Willis from Microsoft on the PowerShell Deployment Toolkit

8 09 2013
A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Rob Willis from Microsoft about the PowerShell Deployment Toolkit



Guests – Rob Willis


Chatroom Buzz

The Question –

  • Superhero/Power – The power of flight

Podcast canceled this week.

5 09 2013

I’m sorry but I have to cancel this weeks podcast. We will try to get Josh rescheduled as soon as we can. The AC died at my house and it’s 88F in here. I need to focus on taking care of that tonight. I hope you will be able to join us next week.


Up Next: Josh Swenson, PowerShell in the Real World

5 09 2013


This Thursday, September 5th, we are having Josh Swenson on the show in a new series that we call, “PowerShell in the Real World”.  Josh works in the IT department of a state in the Pacific Northwest. He has some cool stories to share with us about how he uses PowerShell to monitor his environment and to keep things running smoothly. Topics will include AD, WMI, WSUS, report generation, and more.

And we’ll also be sure to ask Josh how he met Jeffrey Snover outside of his normal habitat!

As always, you can join us at 9:30PM EST at http://live.powerscripting.net

Episode 238 – PowerScripting Podcast – Glenn Block & Jim Christopher on scriptcs

14 08 2013
A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Glenn Block & Jim Christopher about scriptcs



Guests – Glenn Block & Jim Christopher


Chatroom Buzz

<BellyTimber> http://poshcode.org/4325
<halr9000> http://webbrain.com/brainpage/brain/4685C1B4-FE68-2D62-3AFA-CE674E67F742#-638
<MikeFRobbins> irm -Uri http://feeds.feedburner.com/PowerScripting | where title -like *jim*christopher* | select title
<PascalL> http://scriptcs.net/
<halr9000> http://www.nuget.org/
<halr9000> http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/vstudio/hh500769.aspx
<halr9000> https://github.com/scriptcs/scriptcs
<halr9000> http://www.sublimetext.com/
<halr9000> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Read%E2%80%93eval%E2%80%93print_loop
<PascalL> https://github.com/scriptcs/scriptcs-samples/tree/master/wpf
<JohnMcBride> scriptcs sublime plugin – https://github.com/scriptcs/scriptcs-sublime
<beefarino> ouch: http://visualstudiomagazine.com/articles/2013/08/07/devs-angry-over-msdn-redesign.aspx
<JohnMcBride> scriptcs webapi script pack + example https://github.com/scriptcs/scriptcs-webapi
<halr9000> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKqKrH0O9yg
<gblock> http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd460648.aspx
<halr9000> Stuwee: http://scriptcs.net/
<halr9000> http://software.muzychenko.net/eng/vac.htm
<Keith_> Re Roslyn check out this session from PDC **08** at about time index 1:04:00 http://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/pdc2008/TL16
<halr9000> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_Audio_Cable
<jrusbatch> Jaykul: It’s pretty interesting. He mentions that there is a little Roslyn in VS2013. The Roslyn portion starts around 34minutes in. http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2013/9-006
<BellyTimber> http://theoatmeal.com/blog/fix_computer
<sepeck> BellyTimber: http://channel9.msdn.com/ <– has lots and lots of coding stuff on it as well
<ScriptingWife> http://csharpening.net/
<beefarino> BTW, here’s the ScriptCS powershell module: https://github.com/beefarino/ScriptCS-PowerShell-Module
<MikeFRobbins> Here’s my library: http://mikefrobbins.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/library.jpg
<sepeck> halr9000: http://calibre-ebook.com/ makes it go away
<BellyTimber> http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2010/09/go-that-way-really-fast.html
<gblock> http://www.hanselminutes.com/161/bbss-and-wildcat-from-mustang-software
<gblock> we have an org, https://github.com/scriptcs

<11beefarino> #### this one is for beefarino: how does one maintain such a ruggedly handsome demeanor?
<11BellyTimber> ##What’s the difference?
<1BrendanLiamT> ### will this be recorded?
<0halr9000> ## asdfasdfasdf
<2gblock> ##### hashmark people ####
<11BellyTimber> ## Will the beef guy have anymore brain teasers?
<11sepeck> ## link to scriptcs? site
<11BellyTimber> ## All the code gets compiled and outputs an exe?
<12DougFinke> ## LinqPad just announced a command line. Any thoughts? Have they approached you about using Scriptcs?
<5MarcoShaw> ## How “official” is ScriptCS? Will Server 2014 be written in ScriptCS? PowerShell first, then ScriptCS…
<0halr9000> ## like this: what’s MEF
<6jrusbatch> ## Is scriptcs extensible at all?
<12DougFinke> ## Some folks are concerned that Scriptcs is built on Roslyn, a CTP and the ecosystem is not there. What do you think?
<0Jaykul> ## Is Roslyn EVER going to actually ship?
<0Jaykul> ## Why is ScriptCS built on Roslyn instead of Mono’s (already shipped) REPL?
<0halr9000> that’s what the ## are for
<0halr9000> json2: ### HASHMARK PEOPLE ####
<0halr9000> ## OCTOTHORPE PEOPLE ##
<0halr9000> ## json2: What’s the “killer app” use case for ScriptCS? Give me a concrete example of something that I can use it for to solve a problem today.
<11sepeck> ## are you goign to do a singing quartet afterwards?
<3HalsWife> ##Blister in the Sun first pleasethankyou
<4Keith_> ## Do you thinking using Roslyn would allow you to build an effective in-app scripting solution complete with Intellisense and debugging similar to VBA?
<12json2> ## Doesnt Roslyn already permit loading/running .cs at runtime? What does ScriptCS add to the “WoW/LUA-like” scripting story?
<14ScriptingWife> ## Up Next Rob Willis and PowerShell Deployment Toolkit

The Question –

  • Jim – mp3 player

  • Glenn – Vic-20

Up Next: Rob Willis talks about the PowerShell Deployment Toolkit

14 08 2013

Want to learn how to automate complex software deployments using PowerShell? Need to automate System Center deployments? Come to the live show this Thursday when we’ll be talking to Microsoft Principal Product Manager Rob Willis about the PowerShell Deployment Toolkit! Rob speaks at events such as TechEd, and writes on the Building Clouds blogavatar on Technet.

As always, you can join us at 9:30PM EST at http://live.powerscripting.net

Up Next: Glenn Block and Jim Christopher talk about ScriptCS

8 08 2013

logoThis Thursday August 8, we are having Glenn Block (@gblock) and Jim Christopher (@beefarino)  on the show to talk about ScriptCS! As always, you can join us at 9:30PM EST at http://live.powerscripting.net

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