Episode 76 – Don Jones on Security

13 07 2009

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.



In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk to PowerShell MVP Don Jones about security


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  • JeffHicks: ##What is the longest PowerShell script you’ve ever written?
  • JeffHicks: ##What is the killer feature in PowerShell v2 admins will love?
  • meson: ## How can script signing ever become useful if its so hard to get code signing certs?
  • slipsec: ## what’s “bypass”  [enum]::getvalues([Microsoft.PowerShell.ExecutionPolicy])UnrestrictedRemoteSignedAllSignedRestrictedRestrictedBypass
  • meson: ## What about the ability to override the executionpolicy via -scope
  • finked: ## is there a link for posh on mono?
  • Jaykul: ## So would you actually recommend saving the money by installing PowerShell 2 on Vista/XP/Server 2003/2008?
  • Sabre9774: ## Will the Powershell 2.0 install for XP/Vista/2003 remove Powershell 1.0 if installed on a machine?
  • finked: ## I am a lowly developer. When I hear security, my eyes glaze over.When I demo Posh for developers. Seems likes a huge process to get developers ‘secure’ Posh to try it out.Not sure how to balance it
  • Sabre9774: ## that is my concern – we pushed PS 1.0 to all client machines in our enviornment, so would we have to uninstall 1.0 manually first?
  • PenPerk: ## Powershell Certification — not for the programmer but SysAdmin level?


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Up Next: Brandon Shell talks about Active Directory in PowerShell V2

17 03 2009

We’ve had Brandon on the show before, so you know this will be a good one.  This time, Brandon will give us the scoop on what is new from Microsoft on managing Active Directory in PowerShell V2. While Brandon is a PowerShell MVP, Active Directory is his real specialty, so he’ll be able to go as deep into the details as we let him.

We can’t do this interview alone! We need you to attend PowerScripting Live this Thursday, March 19th at 9pm EDT so that we can pepper Brandon with some great AD questions from the audience.

Up Next: PrimalScript 2009 with Alex & Jeff from SAPIEN

9 03 2009

Wow, we are so used to twitter, we just said all that needed saying in under 140 characters. 🙂

On this week’s show we will have Alex Riedel and Jeffrey Hicks from SAPIEN on to talk about PrimalScript 2009 and PrimalTools. Please join us at the usual Bat-Time of 9 Eastern (we’re on summer time now, watch out for that) this Thursday.

And lastly, we want to apologize for no show last week.  A combination of things made production difficult, so we decided we had to bail.

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