Ustream FAIL.

22 01 2009

So we got ready to record the show tonight and to start the live stream and…Ustream’s servers were choking.  We ended up doing an on-the-fly move to Stickam to complete the interview which thankfully, worked fine.  But then the stickam stream froze on Jon’s PC multiple times, and it froze on the end-user side as well for some.  So…

Looks like we need a better live streaming service.  We are open to suggestions.  Here are some that we’ll check out based on feedback already tonight:

You guys got anything else we should try? Please leave comments or email us:



2 responses

24 01 2009
Thomas Lee

Why not use Live Meeting?

Contact me privately and I’ll see what I can do to get you setup with an account.


24 01 2009

frankly, live meeting is great for some things, but not this. i do have an accout–that is not the problem. the problem is LM’s lack of community features, in particular, no any-to-any text chat. it only has q&a and 1-to-1 text chat.

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